I now have fic recs page here. Basically everything from X-Men to Harry Potter.
Under construction
I'm back online with some days of work.

It was faster than expected, thank youuuuu~!

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Anonymous confessed:
A little baby elephant stumbles into your askbox, holding a small letter in his mouth. He hands the note to you, “I love you. You are a wonderful, loved person." Pass it on to the first ten people on your dash anonymously.

Thank youuu

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Thank you new followers! Haven’t got any in ages!

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18 more followers until next hundred! I honestly never expected this.

Thank you everyone!

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I don’t want to go to sleep since then I have to go to school in the morning and deal with stuff and…

But I’m rather sleepy.

I should also wait for Sade who went to see Coriolanus… But she’ll be home really late I guess.

What to doooo

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whysherlock replied to your post “hi there sweetheart. how are you? c:”

what a great coincidence, i’m avoiding my responsibilities too, haha. how has your day been?

Quite boring. I’ve just sat in front of my computer and played with my cat, who wants me to throw hairband to him so he can bring it back. What about you? Any exciting adventures? Have you eaten anything good? Grr, now I made myself hungry.
I should actually study, but…

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Um, I only just found out that I’m one of the best 100 students out of first course students in my university and I was supposed to attend some ceremony?

I was working, but still, I didn’t even know. :D

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How the hell did this happen during the 5 minutes I was gone from tumblr?! Thanks… My mind is blown.


You deserve this and MORE.

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Went to see vet with my cat. (He is okay!) But it cost like 3 times the amount on their homepage and oh my moneyyy. T_T Good thing he’s okay though! 

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I got some followers during the night, did someone promo me or…???

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